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Tile Removal | Construction Debris

Tile Removal | Construction Debris

While remolding your Las Vegas home, repairing or general improving of a commercial property, it is very common to come across an old section of outdated and unwanted tile floors in your home or space.  You want to change the room or space and that begins with the floor, but looking at the tile removal seems like a daunting task.  What once was the foundations of a room has now become a burden among the changes you would like to make.  While tile is a beautiful product, strong and made to test time it does become out dated.  Tile is a sturdy floor that will outlast what once was the decor of the generation, thereby tying a room together but now it has become cumbersome with the removal process.  Usually a tile contractor doesn’t want to get tide down with the lengthy process of tile removal, they want to come in a lay the new tile.  They don’t always have the equipment to haul away such a heavy load and take it for disposal.  That’s when you call us, The Pick Up Artist Junk Removal in Las Vegas to come in and remove and haul away not only the tile but all construction debris.  Our team has the experience and the expertise to remove all construction debris.  We can handle all of your demo projects and dispose of all the construction debris making your home ready for the next step of updating the decor.


Our junk removal team has done demo jobs on kitchens, bathrooms and interior walls.  We can come in and remove such things as tile, carpet, kitchen and bathroom cabinets, we have removed shower and tub inclosures, toilets.  Our team has done demo jobs on garage conversions removing walls and much more.  We then remove the construction debris so that you can begin the remodel project.  You want tile removal? No problem and we will remove all the construction debris too!!  No job too big or too small when it comes to construction debris removal or demo.

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