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Trash Pick-Up

Trash Pick-Up Las Vegas

Need trash pick-up in Las Vegas and Henderson? We are the real pick-up artist you were looking for. At The Pick-Up Artist Junk Removal, we design quick, affordable, and stress-free trash pick-up solutions for residential and commercial clients.

Whether it is the leftover trash left from a move-out, all the waste from your decluttering project, or full office building trash removal, we can take care of every job in one go! 

Call (702) 600-6994 today!

There’s Nothing We Can’t Haul!

Navigating proper trash disposal in Las Vegas with all the different laws, regulations, strict schedules, and fees may seem like a nightmare —But that trash needs to go.

If you’ve ever wished you could vanish your trash without worrying about anything else, at The Pick-Up Artist Junk Removal, we’ll make it happen. Our services will save you hassle and money. Here’s how

Are you struggling to decide what from your giant pile of trash to dispose of first? There’s no need. With us, it’ll all be gone in one go. Despite the different types or amounts of trash, The Pick-Up Junk Artist can safely remove them.

Our certified knowledge and local expertise allow us to accommodate all your trash disposal needs —Even bulky items and hazardous waste! We adhere to strict regulations but are flexible enough to meet your requests.

When you have a giant pile of bulky items or trash jeopardizing your space, health, and sanity, there’s no time to wait one day a week to dispose of each individually on regular curbside pick-up.

At The Pick-Up Artist Junk Removal, you can schedule trash pick-up in Las Vegas immediately. Our trucks can fit 30 cubic yards of trash, so you can schedule and get trash removal in Las Vegas on the same day!

Junk isn’t the only thing that can accumulate. Having different types or large amounts of trash to dispose of can make costs rise quickly. For instance, if you want to dispose of waste in bulk on regular pick-up, you must rent a dumpster.

Our services can take away the same amount of junk any other trash company in Las Vegas would, but cheaper. These affordable prices already include labor and dump fees, as we determine all of these over our on-the-phone estimate. Once you receive your quote, there are no hidden fees!

Are you hosting a commercial event in Las Vegas and need a reliable commercial cleanout service to ensure the venue is spotless after the event? Our event cleanout services are tailored for conventions, conferences, trade shows, and special events. We work efficiently with you and your event planners to maintain and restore the pristine condition of your venue.

We Truly Care

If you want old furniture quickly removed, don’t fall into the trap of hiring an unqualified company just to save time. You can still do it while receiving premium attention through The Pick-Up Artist Junk Removal. We truly care for your interests through the following:

  • Competitive Prices & Discounts: We care for your needs and your wallet. Get quality furniture pick-up in Las Vegas at the best prices. You can also get 15% senior, military, and property management (depending on the size) discounts and loyalty discounts. 
  • Recycling Solutions: We are careful enough to ensure everything our service entails is done with responsibility. Because of that, we do more than furniture disposal in Las Vegas. We recycle 60% of what we haul away.

Licensed, Insured, & Bonded: While you could work with anybody, it is best to choose our licensed, insured, and bonded company, which knows what to do and how to do it quickly, efficiently, and safely.

Get an Instant Estimate Today!

We’ve been and continue to be the reliable choice for Las Vegas and Henderson commercial property owners, managers, and landlords to get their commercial cleanout projects done with minimum delays, hassle, and costs. We also provide 15% loyalty and property manager discounts (depending on property size). Call (702) 600-6994 today!

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