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Trash Removal In South Summerlin | Junk Removal Las Vegas

Trash Removal in South Summerlin | Junk Removal Las Vegas

Today our junk removal team went out to the South Summerlin side of Las Vegas to help out a young girl who sold her home and was moving abroad to go to school. She had used our junk removal team before to clean out her backyard so it was nice to see her again. She had recently sold her South Summerlin home in Las Vegas and now it was time to remove all the trash and junk that was left after she was done packing. The trash was scattered throughout the home, garage and backyard.

Our junk removal team began in the garage where the trash was just cluttered about. There was some furniture pieces to remove, some trash and boxes. Once we got all that in the junk removal trailer we then moved into the backyard where she was getting rid of an old BBQ, some broken chairs, bricks, yard debris and some more trash that was left behind by her roommates. Then it was on to the interior of the South Summerlin Las Vegas home. Downstairs we removed a sectional couch, some trash in the closets and assorted junk that had to go and then upstairs was an old mattress to be removed and dresser and some more trash to go. The job was completed and we tried to help move around some of the items that she was donating to a local charity in the Las Vegas area.

If you have a junk removal task that you want to get done give our junk removal team a call. All our estimates are free and we are here to answer all of your questions. We serve the Summerlin area as well as Las Vegas, North Las Vegas and Henderson areas. We will do junk and trash removal, hot tub removal and just about everything in between! If you cant place it on the curb for the Las Vegas rubbish company to pick up then we are here for you.

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