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Tricky Hot Tub Removal In Las Vegas

Tricky Hot Tub Removal in Las Vegas

Our junk removal company had a tricky hot tub removal in Las Vegas recently that was a first timer for us. We were called by a new junk removal customer requesting we come out to his Las Vegas residence to take a look at the hot tub he needed removed from his yard. We tried to give him a quick quote on the phone but he said it would be a tricky hot tub removal and he wanted us to see what was needed. We scheduled a time to come out to his home and see what the tricky part was and he was right. He had a beautiful gazebo that completely enclosed the hot tub however he did not want the gazebo to be removed. The tricky hot tub removal was to get the hot tub out of the enclosed gazebo so that he could use the structure as a storage unit.

We explained to him tricky hot tub removal or not we could get the job done. His only job would be to have his carpenter come out and shore up the gazebo since it was held up by the hot tub itself and to remove it would be impossible until the gazebo has its own foundation. When this was completed we again showed up to get to work. We had to get into the gazebo and cut the hot tub up from within handing the pieces out the windows of the gazebo. It was a tricky hot tub removal and took just a little more time to complete but we got the job done. He now has his gazebo and the hot tub was removed.

If you have a hot tub removal in Las Vegas, even a tricky hot tub removal in Las Vegas, call The Pick Up Artist Junk Removal in Las Vegas today to get your free hot tub removal estimate. We strive to always be the best junk removal company in the Las Vegas area.

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