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TV Removal And Disposal In Las Vegas

TV Removal And Disposal In Las Vegas

Remember when years ago you bought that new TV and you thought it was the next generation.  It seemed the heavier the better the TV.  Nobody even heard of a flat screen TV, and now those flat screens are at a reasonable price everyone is disposal of the old heavy dinosaur TV’s that they once had.  When Black Friday arrives one of the biggest sellers is the flat screen TV.  Now its time for the old TV to find its way to a disposal facility and out of your home.  However how do you move the beast and where does it go for disposal in the Las Vegas area?


TV removal and disposal in Las Vegas.


Our process is simple and easy for you.  After you have searched the Las Vegas area for places to dispose of the TV and companies that can do it for you against the do it yourself and ask a friend to help move the big heavy TV.  You may come to the easy decision to call The Pick Up Artist Junk Removal in Las Vegas to come to your home and remove the big TV for you.  We are a reputable junk removal company in Las Vegas that provides TV removal and disposal at an affordable price and with the highest quality of service.  Our junk removal team will remove the TV from the home for you, and take it to the Las Vegas E-waste facility for disposal.  TV’s cannot be taken to any dump or landfill due to the lead contaminates.


When you need a Las Vegas company to remove and dispose of your TV, then call The Pick Up Artist Junk Removal in Las Vegas at 702-600-6994 and let us insure proper disposal of your TV.  No other company in Las Vegas can match our friendly and professional service!

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