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Unwanted Junk Pick Up | Las Vegas

Unwanted Junk Pick Up | Las Vegas

Have you over time noticed that the pile of junk in your garage or your backyard has just collected and now it just overwhelms you and your space? It happens to the best of us, we throw the unwanted junk and the trash to the side and promise to pick it up later but we don’t ever get back to it and before you know it as fast as time passes by the pile of junk and trash just builds and builds. If your like me, the garage is an easy catch all for all the unwanted junk and trash I don’t want in my home, I may think I can use it later but never do. Even if you no longer need the junk or the trash, all types of unwanted junk and trash are perfect for our charitable donations and our recycling programs. Just because its junk or trash to you doesn’t mean it ends up in our Las Vegas landfills. We have many Las Vegas donation center that take old furniture, clothes and other miscellaneous items. Our recycling efforts are second to no other junk removal company in the Las Vegas area.

The Pick Up Artist Junk Removal team in Las Vegas specializes in picking up your unwanted junk and trash. If you have accumulated junk in or around your home and garage and you are ready to have it all removed, then its time to call our junk removal team. We provide free estimates right over the phone whenever possible to come to your home and remove all the unwanted junk. Our junk removal prices are the most competitive in the Las Vegas area however our professional, friendly and courteous team is the best around. Our call back rate and referral rate in Las Vegas is top notch.

If its time to schedule an unwanted junk removal job with us, just give a call at 702-600-6994 and get your free estimate today.

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