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Where To Recycle Appliances | Appliance Disposal

Where To Recycle Appliances | Appliance Disposal

Have you recently bought new appliances for your home and now you have an old set of appliances that you need to recycle or dispose of? Are these appliances taking up valuable space in your garage because you just don’t know how or where to recycle your appliances. If you are in need of your old appliances to be picked up and recycled or disposed of just call your local Las Vegas junk removal company. We know how to recycle and where to have all your appliances taken for recycling. We will not drop or dispose of your old appliances at the dump causing our landfills to be overloaded with precious materials. We will remove and take your old appliances to a local Las Vegas recycle center where they can be disposed of properly.

Give us a call for a free estimate and we will come to your home, remove the old appliances and haul them away to the recycle facility for a good disposal of the old metal.

The environmental benefits from recycling your appliances over just disposal at the local dump are so worth it. The recycle center will maintain safe management of any hazards materials, the reduction of energy consumption, the reduction of emissions of ozone depleting substances and green house gases. Every time you recycle an appliance it reduces the materials that are disposed of in our landfills, and instead creates scrap metal for recyclables.

If you need your old appliances recycled and just don’t know how or where to recycle or maybe don’t have the transportation to haul them away. Call The Pick Up Artist Junk Removal in Las Vegas for your free estimate. We never dispose of them in our landfills but make every effort to recycle, reuse and donate items.  When you recycle and not dispose of your appliances you are indirectly reducing the energy consumed by older operating energy guzzling appliances which creates more money in your pocket and you save the earth in doing so.

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