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Wood Pile Junk Removal | Las Vegas

Wood Pile Junk Removal | Las Vegas

Our junk removal team received a call this morning asking if you could provide an estimate to remove a wood pile from inside the garage of a Las Vegas home. We discussed how much wood was in the pile and when he would need it removed. The home owner couldn’t explain how much wood there was piled on the phone so he sent our junk removal team a picture of the pile of wood. He had torn down a fence and dog house and needed it gone as soon as possible so he could park his car in the garage again. Once we looked at the picture it was easy to determine the estimate for the home owner.

For a pile of wood junk removal or any other type of junk removal that a home owner or commercial building property owner has we charge based on the size of the load to be removed and hauled away. Once we haul the junk away it is time to dispose of it. The Las Vegas transfer facility where all the junk and trash gets dumped charges by the cubic yard and not be the weight of the load. With that in mind we charge our customers by the size of the junk to be removed. A wood pile is very easy to determine the cubic yard. Once we provided the free estimate for the removal of the wood pile it was up to the Las Vegas home owner to make the appointment for us to come and haul it away for him.

Once the appointment was scheduled and we arrived we immediately removed the pile of wood and then swept the area clean so that the car could again go into the garage for its night time storage.

If you need a wood pile removed or any other junk removal done, don’t hesitate to call our junk removal team in Las Vegas. We are here to answer all your questions and provide you with a free no hassle estimate.

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