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Wood Pile Removal In Las Vegas

Wood Pile Removal In Las Vegas

Our junk removal team was called out to a home in the Las Vegas area to provide an estimate to remove a wood pile that was in the backyard.  The new Las Vegas home owners had recently moved in and wanted to have the wood pile taken away since it looked like it had been there for 20 years.  Our junk removal team arrived to provide an estimate for the removal, haul away and disposal of the old wood.  We measured out the pile to calculate the cubic yardage so that we knew how much it would take to remove and pay the disposal fees.  The wood pile measured out at approximately 20 cubic yards.  We provided to estimate to remove the wood pile which was all inclusive, no up charges.  The owner agreed and our junk removal team got ready to go to work.


The Las Vegas home had good access to the property and we were able to pull our junk removal trailer right up to the wood.  We gloved up and put on long sleeve shirts so that the critters and spiders we were sure to be in the wood pile would not be able to attack us.  Methodically and efficiently we loaded the wood into the junk removal trailer.  We stacked the wood as high as possible and were able to remove the wood pile in one load.  After we cleaned up and covered up we pulled away from the happy new Las Vegas home owners leaving them with a nice clean space to work with.


If you have a wood pile removal or anything in between give our junk removal team a call for your free estimate.  Our referral rate is our greatest compliment!  We will arrive on time, be professional and provide the most competitive junk removal prices in the Las Vegas area.  If you need a junk removal job look no further then The Pick Up Artist Junk Removal in Las Vegas!

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