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Wood Removal In Henderson

Wood Removal In Henderson

Our junk removal team recently went out to a Henderson home owners place to give him a free estimate to remove wood from his garage and backyard.  This was not any ordinary wood removal job in Henderson but this home owner once ran a wood working shop from his backyard shop.  The Henderson home owner had wood stacked on shelves that was pre-cut for some furniture, he had raw wood stacked in the back yard that would eventually be cut for future furniture building.  All in all the Henderson home owner had approximately 20 cubic yards of wood stacked and piled in different areas of his Henderson home.  Our junk removal team provided an estimate for him and he agreed.


Away to work for our junk removal team.  Our team started in the garage removing all the wood from the shelves and along the floor where he was storing it.  All the wood in the garage was pre-cut and sanded down ready for the building process.  We then went out to the backyard of the Henderson home removing stacks upon stacks of wood.  Some raw and some pre-cut.  It took our junk removal team approximately one hour to remove all the wood and place it in the junk removal trailer.  The home owner added in some boxes and then we cleaned up with our brooms and dust pans.  Our junk removal job is never complete until the place is cleaner then when we arrived.


If you need wood removal or any type of junk removal then give The Pick Up Artist Junk Removal in Las Vegas a call for your free estimate.  Our junk removal team will come to your home or commercial building on time and professionally uniformed.  Unlike your fly by night junk and trash removal Craigslist guys we are full insured and bonded for your protection.  Our service is second to none and we let our referral rate speak for us.  Call today and get the junk removed!!

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