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Yard Debris Junk Removal | Las Vegas

Yard Debris Junk Removal | Las Vegas

As the winds in the Las Vegas area pick up, we often receive calls for yard debris junk removal. We have been to many Las Vegas homes to pick up all kinds of yard debris including trees, palm tree branches, and bushes that are stacked up in the corner of the yard. The other day the winds in Las Vegas to pick up for some time and we made three different stops in one day to clean up yard debris. When we receive the call we try to give the best estimate by what is described by the Las Vegas resident.

Our first junk removal stop of the day was to pick up a tree that had blown down in the Las Vegas resident front yard. The tree was still a very immature tree and didn’t fare well in the winds. We had to cut it up some to make it easier to carry. The second junk removal stop for yard debris was palm tree branches. They actually had cut them down prior to the wind since they knew that it would be a wreck for them. And our last junk removal stop of the day was a pile of bushes, like tumble weed, that had blown all through the property of one Las Vegas home. Our junk removal team has no trouble with yard debris, we glove up and get busy.

All three yard debris junk removal jobs required some sweeping and raking but each junk removal job was left clean as if the yard debris never existed. If the winds cause you troubles in your yard and you end up with a junk removal yard debris job, you can call The Pick Up Artist Junk Removal in Las Vegas for your free estimate. Yard debris is only one junk removal job we perform, no junk removal job is too big or too small.

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